Shenecoy Sportsman Club Fees


                                    Member           Non-Member

Skeet                                      $5                   $7
Trap                                        $5                   $7
Wobble Trap                           $5                   $7
Sporting Clays                        $30/$17           $35/$19
Golf Cart Rentals                    $10                  $15
2 Gun Push Cart Rental                                  $5

Safety Rules

Hearing and eye protection are mandatory for everyone on or near ranges.

Actions must be open and verified empty prior to carrying them to a gun
rack on the ranges.

O/U guns will be carried over the shoulder (muzzles forward).

Semi-auto & pump guns - The action will be open and the gun will be carried
with the opening forward and the barrel up.

Empty hulls on skeet stations 1, 7, & 8 -
No one may retrieve hulls until all
shooting has ceased on the adjacent fields to the left or right of your field.

Only authorized personnel may enter the trap houses.

Absolutely no unsupervised children at any time on the premises. Children
must be in the company of an adult member at all times.

Watch that muzzle!
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